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AstraZeneca v Pfizer: Vaccine side effects compared as Australia changes rollout

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Vs pfizer az Comparing COVID

pfizer: Mixing Pfizer, AZ jabs with other vax gives robust immunity: Lancet study

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AstraZeneca vs. Sinovac Vaccines: Effectiveness, Side Effects

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Mix and match regimen of AZ and Pfizer COVID jabs works well

Confusion over efficacy emerged after interim late-stage trial results announced in late November when AstraZeneca acknowledged that people in its clinical trial accidentally got different doses.

  • Administration of the vaccine was paused in many parts of the world as regulators investigated the clots, concluding they were a very rare side effect β€” impacting about 86 people out of the 25 million who had received the vaccine.

  • It can be kept in a standard refrigerator for six months.