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Indonesia capital of Capital of

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Indonesia capital of Capital of

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Nusantara is the new capital of Indonesia, here's why it was relocated from Jakarta

Nusantara, new capital of Indonesia, revives Hindu heritage » Sirf News

Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara, director of the Center of Economic and Law Studies, a Jakarta-based think tank, said the project to relocate the capital was done too quickly for political reasons.

  • The Old Javanese word is a of nusa lit.

  • The country, which is affected by monsoon winds all year round, gets abundant rainfall.

Nusantara (planned city)

It took only 42 days for , making it the fastest bill ever passed by the Indonesian parliament.

  • Internationally Jakarta also has nicknames like J-Town or the more popular The Big Durian because it is considered comparable to cities like New York City Big Apple in Indonesia.

  • In Jakarta, seafood, noodles and plenty of spicy meats are very popular.