Sofia cheung - Influencer Sofia Cheung chilling final Instagram post before death

Cheung sofia ‘Daredevil’ influencer,

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Cheung sofia Influencer plummets

Cheung sofia Influencer Sofia

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Instagram star plunges to her death taking waterfall selfie

Cheung sofia Who was

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Cheung sofia Influencer plunges

Cheung sofia Influencer Sofia

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Muerte por selfie: la influencer Sofia Cheung pierde la vida mientras se fotografiaba en una cascada

Rest in peace my pretty Sofi.

  • I love you always.

  • After a sun-soaking session, Sofia recruited the reality star to help her protect her modesty as she returned to the apartment.

How did Sofia Cheung die? Influencer's waterfall selfie turns fatal

The news of her death broke the internet and fans condoled her death on her Instagram pictures.

  • No need to doubt the beauty of nature and waterfalls.

  • I always love you.