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Sarawak mukah airport RM300 mil

Tiket pesawat Mukah ke Pangkal Pinang

Sarawak mukah airport Mukah’s new

Sarawak mukah airport Mukah

Sarawak mukah airport Mukah’s new

Mukah Airport, Malaysia (Code :: MKM)

Sarawak mukah airport Miri Airport

Mukah’s new airport takes flight as new rural transport hub

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Sarawak mukah airport New Mukah

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Sarawak mukah airport Mukah Airport

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Sarawak mukah airport Mukah Airport


New Mukah airport opens tomorrow

At 3,120 square metres, the terminal can cater up to 264,000 passengers per annum.

  • Dr Wee said the Mukah Airport began operations on June 17 and it can accommodate bigger planes.

  • For the comfort of passengers boarding and disembarking ATR 72s or DHC-6s, 3-fingered piers with covered walkways were also constructed in apron 'B', based on the walkways found in LCCT of KLIA that is now closed.

Tiket pesawat Mukah ke Pangkal Pinang

Miri Airport handles more than 4,000 flights a month, with an average of 125 aircraft landings and take-offs daily, including 62 landings for rural services; with the current airport size, arrival times for incoming flights will be delayed because they have to wait for other aircraft to depart before being able to land on the runway.

  • Apart from travelling by car or other modes of public transportation to go to KLIA, passengers can ride the high-speed train KL Ekspres or KLIA Transit by Express Rail Link ERL.

  • The exercised laws require all passengers travelling with any flights from outside Sarawak including all flights from Peninsular Malaysia, the state of Sabah, Federal Territory of Labuan and other countries to go through the immigration screening at the first entry of any Sarawakian airport.