Al waqiah - 56. Al

Waqiah al Surah 56:

Waqiah al Surah Al

Waqiah al Surah Al

Surat al

Waqiah al 56. Surah

Waqiah al Surah al

Waqiah al Surah Waqiah

Surah Al Waqiah Summary

Waqiah al Al

Waqiah al Surat Al

Teks Bacaan Surat Al Waqi'ah Arab Latin dan Terjemahan Indonesia

Waqiah al Surah Waqiah

Surah Al

Waqiah al 56. Surah

Surah Al Waqiah/Al


So I swear by Mawaqi setting or the mansions, etc.

  • And those on the Right Hand, — Who will be those on the Right Hand? It makes us tend to strive and work for the hereafter and stay away from those fake pleasures which bring us sins.

  • Allah Almighty has given us a task to recite this holy and sacred book of Allah every day in this world.