Nevertheless webtoon - Nevertheless’s ending sparks controversy: A drama that glorifies bad boys and toxic relationships

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Read more episodes for free every day on the webtoon app! Nevertheless played by so g kang is aired today.

  • After a bitter experience with her first love, she doesn't believe in destiny anymore.

  • Read more episodes for free every day on the webtoon app! Will Do Hyeok become a real man in the eyes of Na-bi after that? It has four more episodes left for the finale.

[SPOILER] Korean netizens are divided about the finale of 'Nevertheless'

She tried to make friends and found Jae-on Park who has a tattoo of a butterfly.

  • But that was very clearly not the case at all throughout the whole drama! One can easily download the app from the play store as it is available for everyone.

  • Only one or two of their personalities are focused on each scene, and it seems unrealistic at times.