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The Finance and Revenue committee recently met to discuss several issues related to the Washington D.

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  • Yodonna is later unintentionally avenged when the Kiramagers kill Emperor Yodon once and for all with the Pheonix Destoria Special attack.


This is the most remarkable part about the episode, as it essentially shows the Rangers — specifically Jason -- fail.

  • But what exactly does this all mean? Rather than trying to explore the past, Mouri wanted to explore the future instead and introduced Century, a Rider from 50 years into the future, allowing the audience a glimpse of what was to come in the franchise.

  • Later, she and Tametomo walk past a pond of lillies and she creeps him out due to questioning whether humans smile when happy and they quickly resume the search only to uncover thier third and she watches it fight Takamichi and Juru and then after it aborbs the Energia Monstone and grows.