Tan kok wai - DAP leader apologises, withdraws slander against Annuar

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Wai tan kok Tan Kok

Wai tan kok Tan Kok

Wai tan kok Tan Kok

Wai tan kok Tan Kok


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Tan Kok Wai Apologises to Annuar over DBKL Asset Sale Claims — The True Net

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Wai tan kok Report: Tan

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Tan Kok Wai: I am special envoy to China, minister can call me

There are too many curbs on freedom of information such as the Official Secrets Act and the requirement for the annual renewal of permits for the print media.

  • In many other countries, including poorer countries, they have all kinds of facilities.

  • This system is still young and new.

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The Transport Ministry has been degraded into a junior ministry.

  • Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Pilihan Raya Umum in Malay.

  • Does Parliament provide you with the necessary infrastructure and support to fulfill your role? Many people ask this question about the money Tan Kok Wai makes from Facebook.

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