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Vikram mahaan 'Mahaan' trailer

'Mahaan' trailer out: Chiyaan Vikram and Druv Vikram starrer is a perfect blend of action, drama

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Vikram mahaan Mahaan (2022

Vikram mahaan Mahaan: Dhruv

Vikram mahaan Mahaan (2022)

Vikram mahaan Vikram

Mahaan review: Vikram, Dhruv deliver a spicy action drama

Vikram mahaan Mahaan movie

Vikram mahaan Mahaan: Chiyaan

Vikram mahaan Vikram

Vikram mahaan Mahaan (2022)

Mahaan movie review: A riveting gangster saga in which Vikram and Dhruv hit it out of the park

Having just turned 40, he accidentally meets Sathyavaan Simha , his childhood friend, who is now running a bar.

  • The politics of the land.

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While Karthik Subbaraj worked on , Vikram agreed to start the shoot with Subbaraj's script he earlier planned, with S.

  • How I enjoy watching Bobby Simha in Karthik Subbaraj films.

  • He then says that it was his entire idea and that he wanted Gandhi to kill Sathya so he sent the video footage to him.