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Tokyo Revengers Reveals the Biggest Danger of Draken's Imprisonment

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Anime draken Does Draken

Anime draken Draken Anime

Tokyo Revengers: Draken's 10 Best Quotes

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Ken Ryuguji

Draken continues wearing his father's scarf and retains the same lower clothing.

  • It does not mean that the viewers have to risk their life for someone else, but they can see the value there is in protecting the people they care about.

  • But a guy who'll stand up to anyone because there's something he won't give up, not many guys like you at all.

Prepare to Prevail

His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple.

  • He agrees to go back to destroy Tokyo Manji.

  • But instead of dying, he is transported to the past, where he is able to save Naoto.

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