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Colours Beginning with the Letter T

Mint and blue greens are popular for tranquil, spa-inspired bathrooms and calming bedrooms.

  • Pair it with a coordinating multi-colored top and solid slacks, or more cautiously in small patches in a printed top or scarf.

  • More scientific research is needed to gain a better understanding of color psychology, as the concept has become extremely popular in marketing, art, design, fashion, and other areas the seek to connect colors and emotions.

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Create a tranquil space using light lavenders and lilacs in a modern bedroom.

  • Green is also often seen as a fourth color on top of the primary red, yellow and blue think and , bringing a sense of visual balance and, as a result, a soothing and relaxing influence.

  • There are many shades that include this color, among them: brown, yellow, orange, red, pink and even blue.