Oyo sotto - Kristine Hermosa Expecting 5th Child, Meet Her 4 Children Here

Sotto oyo Oyo, Kristine

Sotto oyo Oyo Boy

Sotto oyo Kristine Hermosa

WATCH: Kristine Hermosa, Oyo Sotto on forgiveness, contentment in marriage

Sotto oyo Oyo, Kristine

Sotto oyo Kristine Hermosa

Sotto oyo Kristine Hermosa

Kristine Hermosa recalls Oyo Sotto’s proposal in sweet birthday post

Sotto oyo LOOK: Kristine

Sotto oyo Oyo Sotto

Sotto oyo OYO HOTELS

Sotto oyo Kristine and

Kristine and Oyo Boy Sotto share a glimpse of their dream house

LOOK: Oyo Sotto’s first photo with Kristine Hermosa and baby number 5

Is Oyo Boy Sotto having any relationship affair? The proud parents named their baby Vittorio Isaac Sotto.

  • Ali arrived in Manila around two months ago from Mexico City with her consul-husband Omar Bsaies, who is now based here.

  • His full name is Vittorio Mari Sotto.

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