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Melon::음악이 필요한 순간, 멜론

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A Song Has Finally Dethroned BTS's On The Melon Charts ... And It's Not Goes

Charts melon Melon (online

Charts melon Melon (online

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BTS' 'Spring Day' Attains Incredible Feat on MelOn Chart That No Other Track Reached Before

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MelOn 101 Streaming Guide + FAQs

Charts melon These are

[KN] Melon changed 24Hits to Top 100 ( + update: 12 hours chart on the 1st day)

Songs from previous years are still able to enter the Top 10 of 2021 if they are still streamed by many listeners daily.

  • The song also marked the first single where Chinese member, Lay, was not present in due to his extended hiatus from the group due to the Hallyu Ban implemented in China.

  • They're nowhere to be found on 24hits but charting solely due to fandom streaming on the real-time chart and then drop out around the time the chart freezes.

50+ Different Types of Melons (Melon Kinds, Names, & Facts)

As we can see, it's quite clear that the number of new top 250 songs in the weekly top 10 has decreased dramatically since the chart reform.

  • The song also peaked at No.

  • I really hate Melon source: Edited August 11, 2021 by Youahaen They're not only throwing shade at idol groups with big fandoms but also this shade is directed mostly at Im Young Woong bc his songs have the biggest rise even more than idols since the new melon system started.