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Debut date ikon iKon

Debut date ikon IKON

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Debut date ikon iKon

Yang Hyun Suk confirms official debut date for YG Entertainment's iKON!

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Debut date ikon Ikon

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Debut date ikon GENERATIONS OF

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Diakses tanggal 15 Oktober 2015.

  • Nhờ sự tham gia của 2 thành viên đã loại bỏ đi phần nào định kiến về idol rapper và khiến những idol rapper khác tham gia những mùa Show Me The Money tiếp theo.

  • I Kony's Island Season Greetings ik on Air Running Man Christmas Special Ep.

iKON Discography (Updated!)

The album would be divided into two parts: The first half of the album, Debut Half Album, was set to be released on October 1, while the second half released on November 2 and was called Debut Full Album.

  • I am happy to have a new family, but I am even more sorry to the fans who are embarrassed by the sudden news.

  • But now, he is afraid of Bobby the most.

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