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Jiffy in meaning a in a

What does in a jiffy mean? in a jiffy Definition. Meaning of in a jiffy.

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Jiffy in meaning a Urban Dictionary:

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Jiffy in meaning a Idiom: In

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Jiffy (time)

A Dictionary of Units of Measurement.

  • The in a vacuum provides a convenient universal relationship between distance and time, so in particularly in and often in , a jiffy is defined as the time taken for light to travel some specified distance.

  • You'll get there in a jiffy because all tolls are collected at highway speed which keeps traffic free-flowing.

In a jiffy

This is a bit contrary to the more widespread use of the word.

  • In a jiffy What's the meaning of the phrase 'In a jiffy'? The business matter was settled in a jiffy.

  • Thanks to the minimal weight and four steering castors, you'll be mobile and have everything done in a jiffy.