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The Best Bak Kwa in Singapore Comes from…

Near bak me kwa Kim Peng

Bak Kwa (Chinese Pork Jerky)

Near bak me kwa Bak Kwa

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Near bak me kwa Kim Peng

Near bak me kwa Kim Peng

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Where To Buy Bak Kwa In Hawker Centres To Skip Long Queues

The sauces remained a closely guarded family secret which Bee Chun Heng Lau Po uses to this day.

  • The filling was jam-like and slightly sweet, while the meat was springy and tender.

  • These hawker stalls offer no-frills bak kwa — none of the fancy selections endorsed by celebrity spokesmen that you would find at the bigger chains, such as pork belly or beef bak kwa offered by Bee Cheng Hiang.