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Jaw Fossil Brings Whale Wisdom

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Jaw Fossil In Ethiopia Likely Oldest Ever Found In Human Line

Fossil jaw Jaw Fossil

This 12,000

Fossil jaw This 12,000

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Jaw Fossil Brings Whale Wisdom

By 2 million years ago, early humans were established and had split into at least two species: Homo habilis and Homo rudolfensis.

  • Megalodon Jaw by Dark Water Megs Full size fossil megalodon jaw megalodon shark jaw made with real teeth The Dark Water Megs megalodon jaw was finally completed after several years and thousands of megalodon teeth were recovered in order to assemble the jaw.

  • The bone appears to be particularly wide with respect to the teeth with a deep rounded profile.

Jaw Fossil Brings Whale Wisdom

Some of these teeth required crack repair following the preparation of the jaw.

  • The megalodon jaw is the culmination of thousands of hours searching for teeth, researching, and assembling the megalodon jaw using real megalodon teeth.

  • The size is right for Hemiauchenia I think.

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