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Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin

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And then he's on the rooftop with a stranger who's too beautiful for his own good talking about everything and anything.

  • I have 'Me' tattooed in my butt.

  • The shadow was coming near, so near the soldier could make out the shape of its sinuous body and the movements of its wings cleaving the smoke clouds, letting the sun filter through them, bringing light to that death land.

Kookmins Universe

More importantly, he would've never dreamt that this alpha actually loves him back.

  • Jungkook searches for Jimin and eventually finds him.

  • One Shots : okay this is a series of three one shots and can I just say that it melted my heart? Why him of all people? When he arrives, his eyes land on a beautiful prostitute only known as Gloss, the diamond of the lounge, and he suddenly has the urge to make this man his muse.

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