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Why A Small Shield Detail Proves John Walker Doesn’t Understand Cap’s Legacy

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US Agent: How John Walker Started and Stopped Being Captain America

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U.S. Agent

Agent has used a variety of shields in his time, initially inheriting Captain America's indestructible circular shield after Steve Rogers relinquished it upon quitting the role and refusing to work for the Commission for Super-Human Activities.

  • Agent - who refers to himself as Saint - is shown to derive his powers from periodic injections of a mysterious blue substance that also increases his height, mass, and build as well as causing him to grow a moustache.

  • Walker is then captured by , but rescued by Rogers, Battlestar, and.

John Walker & Sons XR 21 Scotch Whisky

And his music affected me in wonderful ways.

  • Agent and Bloodstain battle one last time, and Bloodstain is eventually dispatched by his own bullets as they deflect off U.

  • Would it be one of these beautiful, pearl-gray, slightly mauve days in June? Depends on whos telling the story.