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Do you have enough for retirement? Let's find out

It was formed in 2019 and led by businessman Othman Abdillah.

  • In a six-to-one decision on Friday, the Federal Court ruled that Malaysiakini held full responsibility for its website, including any comments left by readers.

  • On June 26, 2020, Malaysiakini provided details of the five readers to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission MCMC and the police in compliance with a June 24 request by the internet regulator.



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  • Constituency Name 2016 2021 Ba'kelalan Baru Bian PKR PSB Batu Lintang See Chee How PKR PSB Opar Ranum Mina BN-Direct PSB Engkilili Johnical Rayong Ngipa BN-Direct PSB Dudong Tiong Thai King BN-Direct PSB Bawang Assan Wong Soon Koh BN-Direct PSB Moreover, the party has recruited several former BN big names such as Tiki Lafe and Joseph Entulu Belaun as candidates.