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Synonym firstly Why do

Synonym firstly Why do

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firstly : definition of firstly and synonyms of firstly (English)

The problem with these views is firstly that it is not clear in what sense dialectics is a logic.

  • I am on the side of legalising cannabis for a number of reasons, firstly to break the link between cannabis and hard drugs.

  • They distinguished themselves firstly by the liveliness of their local shows and made confident by this success, decided to set out on a professional career.

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To sum up the method briefly, firstly an induction coil has to be taken from the Touchstone case and should be attached to the inside of the Galaxy Note 2's back cover.

  • A moussem is firstly a religious festival, bringing people together who have sometimes traveled a long way to celebrate and honor a saint.

  • Speaking for the bureaucratic superstate, I should like to respond firstly to Mr Sakellariou on the important point which he raised about the International Criminal Court.