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Angelo Adkins: What Happened To Adele's Son? Biography And News Now

Adkins angelo Angelo Adkins

Adkins angelo Angelo Adkins

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Adkins angelo Angelo Adkins

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Previously Simon Konecki was a foreign exchange broker and worked at Lehman brothers.

  • In addition, he was a one-time foreign exchange broker at Lehman Brothers, managing teams of senior brokers.

  • This young 8-year-old child is a labor of love.

How old is Adele's son Angelo Adkins?

Adele never allowed the paparazzi to disclose any information about her son nor did Angelo ever witness the fame of her mother.

  • On June 29, 2012, Adele confirmed her pregnancy , and it was later confirmed that Adele had already been almost seven months pregnant when she announced the news.

  • Angelo Adkins Angelo Adkins Parents Adkins was born in 2012, the son of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins mother and Simon Konecki father.