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Allen bart Bart Allen

Who Is Bart Allen in 'The Flash'? Jordan Fisher Talks Suiting Up in Season 8 (EXCLUSIVE)

Allen bart Bart Allen

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The Untold Truth Of DC's Bart Allen

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The Flash's Jordan Fisher Suits Up as Bart Allen in First Look Image

Allen bart The Flash:

Bart Allen (Young Justice)

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Bart Allen (disambiguation)

Zoom was ultimately defeated by an army of three different , but Bart and his family were subsequently stranded on.

  • Carol began studying the Speed Force to use it for the benefit of humanity.

  • The unknown person is revealed to be an older Neutron, who gives Allen the device that can cure him and informs him that he will not be able to return to the future.

Bart Allen (New Earth)

Under the hero name Impulse, Bart Allen has wormed his way into the hearts of comics fans for decades.

  • But for me as an actor, the things that I can focus on before I get to set are really just preparations, what am I doing to make sure that I am taking care of the show, taking care of this character, and taking care of fans.

  • Batgirl used a to snag him by the ankle, allowing Impulse to mount the flying hero.