Kick back wayv - WayV (威神V) Discography (Updated!)

Back wayv kick WayV

WayV Kick Back English Translation Lyrics

Back wayv kick Kick Back

WayV 3rd Mini Album

Back wayv kick WayV

Back wayv kick WayV 3rd

Back wayv kick Lirik Lagu

WayV (威神V) Discography (Updated!)

Back wayv kick WayV will

Back wayv kick WayV released

Kick Back

Back wayv kick 'KICK BACK'

WayV will make a comeback with “Kick Back”! A mysterious photo has been released and became a hot topic!

Back wayv kick WayV's New

Back wayv kick WayV

Lirik Lagu Kick Back dari WayV

This song is an attempt to express their love for their fans while waiting for the day they would be together, through warm and touching lyrics.

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  • Due to issues regarding their outfits, the album was released digitally as scheduled on June 9, while the release of the physical album was delayed to June 18.

WayV's New Song Will Have You Hooked With Its Addictive Beat

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