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10 Akatsuki members in Naruto, ranked based on strength

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What are Akatsuki rings, names and meaning in Naruto?

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Naruto: Who The Strongest Akatsuki Members Are

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14 Most Popular Akatsuki Members(Ranked)

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Naruto: Every Member Of The Akatsuki, Ranked Weakest To Strongest

All Akatsuki Members List Updated 2021: Naruto

A good antagonist can add a lot of depth to a story.

  • Nagato gives each Akatsuki member one of ten rings to wear on a particular finger.

  • However, this is only applicable to South African prisons.

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Deidara creates moving explosives from normal clay by fusing earth and lighting elements, employing his many mouths for this purpose.

  • Despite her limited social skills, Akatsuki is shown to be disgusted by perverts; a running gag in the series has her kneeing Naotsugu in the face when he's about to say something perverted, and then asking Shiroe for permission to do what she just did, usually followed by Naotsugu telling her to ask before she does it.

  • Whereas in the manga, Kakuzu's own elemental affinity is implied to be Earth, in the anime, he was able to use water-based techniques that didn't stem from his Earth Grudge Fear technique, performing such feats as or creating and.

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