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Meaning prologue Prologue

Prologue: Meaning & Examples, English Literature

Meaning prologue Prologue

What does epilogue and prologue mean?

Meaning prologue Prologue: Meaning

Meaning prologue What is

Meaning prologue What is

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Meaning prologue What does


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Prologue and Epilogue

Prose As mentioned above, Shakespeare's prologue is written in verse, or poetry, which was common for dramas during his time.

  • Before we continue, I'll give you a minute to scan through the two versions of the text.

  • But in what ways can the prologue be important to your story, and what are some examples of prologues in literature? Additionally, the callback to Petrarch's form highlights one of the story's themes: Shakespeare's Juliet is a response to Petrarch's Laura, who had become the archetype of the love interest in the stories of Shakespeare's day.


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  • In Romeo and Juliet, the prologue gives the audience important information: it tells us the story is set in Italy's Verona, that it is about two lovers from feuding families, that it has a dark and tragic mood, and that it will explore certain themes, including the toll of violence on humanity.

  • The foreword writer does not give away the story; he talks about the association with the book or the author, the praises of the book, any thoughts of criticism etc.