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How To Get FREE Sinovac Booster Dose From Selvax!

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How to register your company for the Sinovac vaccine on SELangkah app

Sinovac selangkah Vaccine fight

Reasons why companies should register for Sinovac via SELangkah

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7 reasons why companies should sign up for SELangkah’s Sinovac programme ASAP

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Selangor state government places booking for 2.5 million COVID

Sinovac selangkah Selangor Has

Sinovac selangkah Selangkah is

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Vaccine fight now a domestic affair

How To Get FREE Sinovac Booster Dose Using Selangkah!

Cara Pemberian Vaksin Sinovac Vaksin Sinovac akan diberikan langsung oleh atau petugas medis di bawah pengawasan dokter.

  • Called , a 50% deposit is also required upon confirmation of their appointments.

  • Dengan harapan data yang berjaya diperolehi memudahkan untuk tindakan susulan termasuk urusan covid 19 malaysia mysejahtera.

A comprehensive guide for M’sian employers to get Sinovac for their company via SELangkah

How Much Does It Cost? It is better than not getting a booster shot at all.

  • Khairy, who is also the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, acknowledged there are some states that have already initiated their vaccine supply acquisition efforts.

  • If I had to guess, they probably created a separate entry with the details pulled from your Selangkah app.