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Protest kazakhstan Kazakhstan’s Protests

Protest kazakhstan Kazakhstan’s Protests

Kazakhstan protests: Nearly 8,000 detained

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Protest kazakhstan Kazakhstan unrest:

Protest kazakhstan Kazakhstan protests:

Kazakhstan says reforms to move forward despite protests

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Protest kazakhstan Protests in

Kazakhstan unrest: More than 12,000 arrested

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Kazakhstan says 164 killed in week of protests

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Protests in Kazakhstan: 5 clues to understand what's going on • Communia

Protest kazakhstan Kazakhstan protests:

Kazakhstan protests: What is happening in Almaty and across the nation and why it matters

The 81-year-old Nazarbayev is said to retain considerable influence in the country, and is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • In the end, more than 160 people were killed with the estimated number suspected to be far higher.

  • Russia is reportedly sending 3,000 soldiers to Kazakhstan, Belarus some 500, Tajikistan 200, and Armenia 70, with Kyrgyzstan set to decide on January 7.

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